Hotel Online Marketing Blog

Welcome to! (A long overdue contribution to the world of online hotel / internet hospitality marketing). The aim of this site is document, discuss, critique and brainstorm (with other talented professionals out there) about this fascinating niche.

Feel free to post your thoughts, comments, suggestions and share your “e” experiences with everyone out there using this site. Besides commenting, should you have a story, best practice, idea, case study, survey, research or other contribution to share, please email me at news (at) hotelemarketer (dot) com (no advertorials, press releases and general spam please!)

Wishing you creative and inspired eMarketing!



Author: Jitendra Jain (JJ)

I have a passion for all things digital, marketing and future related. My day job involves marketing an amazing portfolio of play I enjoy blogging, reading, experimenting with technology and learning new things. You can find my marketing blog at (all views are my own) or connect on Twitter @hotelemarketer

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