5 thoughts on “Hotel Internet Marketing by 2013 – Are we on Track?”

  1. I think it will work for online hotel booking sites to incorporate charity into their for profit business model. I came across one site that does exactly this. Also recently Harvard Business Review featured an article saying that Indian companies who are doing good service (social responsibility) are also making it big. See http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2010/03/indian_companies_doing_well_bec.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+harvardbusiness+%28HBR.org%29


  2. Hey,Really your post is very informative and also very incredible, because your though is for future.I appreciate your post. Please keep it up with your posts.Thanks


  3. I have never believed in hit and hope marketing! What I mean by this is putting your product out there to a wide search and hope something sticks. I agree with you entirely on the emphasis of refined marketing, basically targetting only the audience that you can be sure might buy your product. Refining your marketing to a specific is easier than you might imagine but first you must establish who your target market is and then find the platforms that are out there to showcase yourself.
    The internet is alive with posibilties for every marketbase and exploration and knowledge are a wonderful thing when it come to marketing but expect to lose money while you experiment and refine or better still employ an hotel marketing guru to take the pain out of the marketing.


  4. Great post. I read this article and i found it quite interesting and useful. After reading this article, i would say that i agree with you some of your points that you mentioned in the article. Specially the way you explain search engine with regarding hotel industry it’s quite good. Thanks for sharing this information. Keep sharing this.


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