12 thoughts on “6 Hotel Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2013”

  1. I am interested in this: social media is all about people and the best way to connect with people is to find the ones who care about your product, engage them with meaningful stories and nurture a long term relationship with them. In your experience, what are good topics to talk about? what helped you start the meaningful conversations you mention?


    1. There are plenty of topics that can work for you…it all depends on your brand, plus why you do what you do (plus who your target customers are). For example…if you created your product or service to solve a common problem, why not tell the story of why and how you did it? If you sell a product, why not tell the story of how it came to be…plus how it’s made, the history and the people involved, etc. If you have a target audience that loves a certain type of sport, activity or philanthropy, you can find common business related passions to connect about. At the end of the day its always about being true to who/what you are as a brand, why you exist…and what connects you to those most passionate about what you create.


  2. Jitendra, I enjoyed reading this post but wonder if hoteliers will commit the necessary time and resources to move forward with these types of social media initiatives or elect to remain status quo?

    I have only seen a glimmer of hope over the past two years and if it is any indication, outside of the major brands, I don”t see the indicators that it will dramatically change.


  3. Great post JJ. I do see the larger hotels will forge ahead with social media, however, the smaller motel owners such as my self find it hard at this present time to see the benefits at this stage. Due to the location of my motel, our guests tend to be made up of older guests who are not that tech savvy and don’t care about social media. Keep in mind that we are not a tourist destination and are most frequented by overnight guests on the way to their destination. Anyway love your work and will be following your posts in the future.


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