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Day 27 of 30 Day AI Challenge – An AI Generated Video Horror Story For YouTube Shorts

For those just joining us, every day during this challenge, I’m going to try and do something different or better, using currently available Artificial Intelligence tools.

Can’t believe it’s Day 27 already. This 30 day challenge has really warmed me up to the possibilities of generative AI and I’d like to keep pushing the boundaries on what’s doable creatively. I’ve always been an avid fan of horror, so what better experiment than to create a scary short story, using the help of generative AI? Let’s get started…

Step 1 – The Story

For this, I trained ChatGPT and then co-created + tweaked the outputs till I had a few short horror stories that I liked.

Step 2 – The Visuals

Enter Midjourney…I kept the prompts simple but descriptive.

Step 3 – The Audio Narration

Tool of choice, ElevenLabs – I created a custom AI voice to narrate the short story…in this case a young, British male.

Step 4 – Background Music

There are some pretty nifty tools out there that allow you to create custom AI generated music, which you can then use in a variety of settings. One such service that I really liked is (see interface below).

If you use music a lot for your content, then this sort of tool is well worth a subscription. For our experimental YouTube short though, I stuck with some free music available via the official YouTube audio library.

Step 5 – The Video Creation

Now to put it all together. There are great apps and software available, including YouTube’s own app. For my video though, I ended up using Final Cut Pro on my computer, given I have a comfort level using the tool and it allowed me to put in some nice filters and effects too.

Our Final YouTube Short

Drum roll please…here’s what the final YouTube short looks like:

You can also watch it directly on YouTube.

Let me know what you think! With the power of generative AI at your fingertips, are you inclined to give storytelling a shot too?

Till tomorrow…

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