The Only Middle East Resort on TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Luxury Hotels In The World

To achieve this high accolade once is remarkable…to do this many years in a row is truly extraordinary. Al Maha sets the benchmark for indigenous luxury resort experiences in the Middle East.

Al Maha is a marketer’s dream come true. Marketing is all about storytelling…and this is a resort that is absolutely brimming with memorable stories, people and experiences.

‘Fabled Sanctuary, Bedouin Soul’

The only boutique luxury resort in the Middle East located within a Desert Conservation Reserve, Al Maha offers guests a timeless setting and a glimpse into the Bedouin way of life. ‘Al Maha’ takes its name from the proudest of all dune dwellers – the Arabian Oryx. Originally covering 25-square-kilometres and since expanded to 5% of Dubai’s land mass (225-square-kilometres), Dubai’s Desert Conservation Reserve and Al Maha have played a vital role in creating the Gulf’s first wildlife reserve. Easily accessible from the city, the resort offers an unrivaled retreat from the hustle and bustle of the growing metropolis and is part of the Luxury Collection brand of hotels & resorts.

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Restaurant Marketing Strategy 101 – INFOGRAPHIC

Effective restaurant positioning and marketing is critical to success. This infographic breaks down the most basic elements of restaurant marketing strategy, storytelling, content creation, social media marketing, acquisition and retention strategy you should keep in mind when taking your restaurant to market.

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Rejection, Olympic Doughnuts and Amazing Customer Service

Just watched this heartfelt (and funny) TEDx talk by Jia Jiang, where he talks about overcoming his fear of rejection by indulging in ‘rejection therapy*‘, i.e. building desensitization to rejection by putting himself in situations where the most likely outcome was going to be a ‘no’, for 100 days.

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Cheeky but effective – Captain Obvious Steals the Show for

These ads are both cheeky and brilliant, utilizing the features and limitations of the YouTube and Facebook ad platforms to their advantage.

Props to for their recent advertising campaign which features a character played by Brandon Moynihan called ‘Captain Obvious‘, who as you may have guessed, says and does things that are, well…obvious. Just like would be the obvious place on the internet to book your hotel room?

Here’s an early ad from a couple of years ago:

What’s great about this campaign is not the fact that it’s tongue-in-cheek, but that in more recent efforts, it plays well to the ad and content formats available on YouTube and Facebook too.

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Why 360 Video and Virtual Reality Matters and 5 Great Ways To Use It

Interest in 360 degree video and 360 VR (Virtual Reality) is at an all time high as the tech matures and becomes more accessible. The Google Trends chart below shows the sharp spike in searches around the world, starting mid to late 2015. 360 content is hard to avoid these days…and even harder to ignore as a marketer. In some ways, 360 has also been a precursor to the virtual reality revolution that is almost upon us. So how can you tap into this powerful new format as a marketer? In this post we explore the basics of 360 video content and 5 great marketing ideas to get your efforts started.

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