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What Digital Marketers Really Do

In the tradition of the most recent meme to hit the Interweb “What People Think I Do / What I Really Do” here’s a low-down on What Digital Marketers really do…enjoy.


Never heard of the meme? “What People Think I Do / What I Really Do” is a series of images / pictures illustrating a variety of preconceptions associated with various professions or areas of expertise. Learn more about the meme here.

I have a passion for all things digital, marketing and future related. My day job involves marketing an amazing portfolio of play I enjoy blogging, reading, experimenting with technology and learning new things. All published views on are personal - comment and contribute here or connect with me on Twitter @hotelemarketer

2 comments on “What Digital Marketers Really Do

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  2. Haha! This actually made me laugh. All of those images really hit the mark on each of their description. Regardless, digital marketing is not a “no-brainer.” —


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