13 responses to “Pinterest for Hoteliers – A Guide to Pinterest for Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants”

    • Jitendra Jain (JJ) says :

      Great find Claude! A scary piece when you first read it…but then again, when you put things into perspective, you can always trust the legal profession to paint a gloomy picture. I think comparing Pinterest to Napster is a bit extreme, frankly. In any case the issue of copyright handling will need to evolve as Pinterest matures and if it hopes to build a sustainable platform that scales the globe.

  1. Teea says :

    I have found a great hotel profile (it’s a newborn though) but their board ideas are interesting! http://pinterest.com/villavenushotel/

  2. Troy Christopher says :

    This is a great post! I’m actually in the hospitality management program at Kendall College and one of my professors just talked about how Pinterest is going to become huge for hotels and resorts. I enjoyed reading this and being able to add to the conversation while in class. Thanks for the great information.

  3. Joan Stewart (@PublicityHound) says :

    Here’s another tip on how to use Pinterest.

    If you blog, use it to pull traffic to old blog posts. I’m a publicity expert and created a board consisting of photos I used at more than a dozen old blog posts. Two days later, I saw a small spike in traffic at almost every post.

    Here’s the best part. Several of the photos were “repinned” by other Pinterest users, which means even more exposure.

  4. Hotels 247 says :

    Great post.. thanks for sharing!

  5. Namita Ramani says :

    So agree with you JJ. Fantastic article and very well written and explained. We at SpaGenie.ae are already working on using this platform to market our spas as part of our marketing support to our yearly spa members on the website. I personally think it will surely attract traffic to the hospitality

  6. Geoffrey Halgand says :

    Pinterest offers great opportunities for business. People share what they like and improve its visibility at the same time. I was a little sceptical when I first heard about the site but I must admit that it helps me and make my job easier 🙂 Long live Pinterest!

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