Cheeky but effective – Captain Obvious Steals the Show for

These ads are both cheeky and brilliant, utilizing the features and limitations of the YouTube and Facebook ad platforms to their advantage.

Props to for their recent advertising campaign which features a character played by Brandon Moynihan called ‘Captain Obvious‘, who as you may have guessed, says and does things that are, well…obvious. Just like would be the obvious place on the internet to book your hotel room?

Here’s an early ad from a couple of years ago:

What’s great about this campaign is not the fact that it’s tongue-in-cheek, but that in more recent efforts, it plays well to the ad and content formats available on YouTube and Facebook too.

On YouTube, for example, the brand introduces the viewer to ‘Skippable’ ads…totally not what you’d think though. These ads literally have the characters ‘Skip’ when you press the button…watch below:

On Facebook, the ad overcomes the challenge of videos auto-playing silently on the platform by introducing subtitles that say “Ads autoplay silently on Facebook – which is good for you – because I don’t know how to play Piano” (If you unmute the video, it is painfully obvious that this claim is true…the subtitles then end with a 10% off booking offer).

Well played,!

Hat tip to for these ad gems.


Author: Jitendra Jain (JJ)

I have a passion for all things digital, marketing and future related. My day job involves marketing an amazing portfolio of play I enjoy blogging, reading, experimenting with technology and learning new things. You can find my marketing blog at (all views are my own) or connect on Twitter @hotelemarketer

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