18 thoughts on “Hotel Jobs – A Hoteliers Guide to Job Hunting in the New Online World”

  1. I use Facebook to connect with friends but have not used it much for professional stuff. Tried Xing too but didn’t like it too much. LinkedIN sounds interesting – will give it a try


  2. Thank you so much for all your kind comments!

    Maria – Facebook is a tough one for business since you’ve got so much personal stuff mixed in plus people are really looking for a different kind of experience when they use the tool. LinkedIN, etc are great since they’re kind of like enhanced resumes with great add-on functionalities! You CAN use Facebook for certain things though…especially if you want to get to know someone casually (easier if you’ve met or interacted before of course) or touch base without being too intrusive (it’s HOW you do it, of course).


  3. Just a quick fyi to employers and job seekers with a specific interest in Hotel Spas…. spaclique.com offers a full service job board and careers area for Spa professionals.

    Brian Cunningham
    Community Master


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