6 thoughts on “Online Social Etiquette and the price of connectivity”

  1. I vote c. Following someone just so they follow you back is Twitter Trolling. I only follow people who have truly interesting content. I also unfollow people if their content is boring or they send out too many tweets.


  2. I would vote B.

    It’s pretty easy to “loose our mind” in this kind of platforms where there’s nothing more than a pc screen between 2 persons.

    It is not the right attitude to “advise” someone to follow himself… OTHERWISE… IF NOT…

    A tweet should be followed because of its interesting posts or opinions. Of course we all have examples of following someone just because they follow us. But this should not be the rule. This should be the exception.

    As Daniel wrote above, I try to “update” my following list every week. Unfollow and Block are often used by me.


  3. It is truly a tricky one, I am plagued with guilt at some of the people who have auto followed me, some of them twitterati, for reasons that can only be because I follow them (as if I would have anything of interest to say to the Twitter gods!) and yet I continue to be a twitter snob and only follow people who interest me…but then I remember that one of the BEST things about twitter is that it is not a permission based system.

    Anybody can follow or unfollow whomever they like for whatever reasons. This is one of the true bastions of a social space where we are coming to the table as equals mainly because of the relative anonymity due to lack of the physical interaction. The relationships build certainly, I am very attached to some people I have never ever met nor are likely to, but we are all in this together.

    People who are here for the buzz and interaction would not post such a tweet in my opinion. Sure I get excited to see my twitter follow increase, but not to the point that I would expect to bore the pants off people who are not interested in me. I’m here for the ride not to grow my ego.

    My thoughts? (b) arrogance & (c)misguided. How rude to demand to be followed and to threaten as well!! What do they hope to gain? Poo poo to that and follow whomever interests you and happy reading!

    By the way I am @ARTrox and if you don’t follow me I will post horrid spammy comments to your blogs….you have 1 chance left….


  4. Hello

    I think there’s a distinction to be drawn between two-way befriending (as on Facebook) and one-way following (as on Twitter).

    The two-way system is primarily aimed at people wishing to recreate their real-life social network online. They might be justifiably aggrieved if their friendship request is turned down.

    However, the one-way system is a lot looser. By following someone, you are merely saying “I am interested in what you have to say.” No more, no less.

    In your specific instance, I have to plump for (b) Arrogance. If you search for “I am a travel tweeter” on Twitter you’ll see that you haven’t been singled out. Your correspondent seems to be taking a rather broad-brush approach to people who don’t follow him back!


  5. I vote for B or C. It’s either he has a haughty marketing approach or he’s just plain and simple arrogant. One thing about Twitter, or for any social networking site for that matter, is that it’s like a community in the real world. You approach and speak people in a tone to which everybody would understand.

    Be Genuine and Respectful. That has been my rules of engagement whether online or offline.


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