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Mobile Hotel Applications – One solution to will them all

About a month or two ago, following the release of our featured article “Hotel Mobile Marketing – A Hotel Guest Story From The Near Future” we had a barrage of emails from vendors and companies innovating in the hotel mobile marketing & applications field. Some of these technologies were quite run-of-the-mill but some clearly stood out in creative and innovative ways. Here is one such prototype technology / software, called hYspace.

What follows below is a great overview of what this hopes to achieve in terms of boosting guest convenience and accessibility:

A contribution for by Charles Reed, CEO of world leading hospitality technology provider, DOCOMO interTouch

Running a hotel has never been simple. Experienced hoteliers know that I’m stating the obvious.

Every hour, a hotelier engages in a logistical symphony to ensure the comfort and convenience of guests. To the uninitiated the variables are unimaginable.

Each day, a hotelier mobilises their team to ensure the 500-room property is equipped with the right amenities from the welcome chocolates, toiletries, and show horns, right down to ensuring that the remote controls for the TV and DVD are correctly matched to each room for each guest.

On average for each guest, the team needs a few hours to ensure that it is completely clean, and test all equipment to certify that they are in proper working order – a considerable effort before guests actually arrive.

Of course, hoteliers also want to provide the best experience at their property. For repeat guests, the CRM system must make sure it notifies staff about Mr. Jones preference for soft pillows and Ms. Koh’s penchant for the Bangkok Post.

When guests arrive and are briskly checked-in and ushered to their rooms, staff need to explain the electronic options available within the room, and ensure that each and every request is filled out in duplicates or triplicates before it is actioned on. And of course, not forgetting to make sure that the bill presented at check-out is complete and accurate.

At the end of the day, most hoteliers only feel satisfied when guests are content and anything that gives them resources to focus on the unplanned tasks that fill their day, is welcomed support.

A new prototype software called hYspace has been developed specifically for this purpose. The technology behind this innovation automates back-end processes and provides hotel guests the ability to quickly and easily create their preferred environments, by giving them full control of their stay at their fingertips.

At check in

When guests book their stays, all their information, such as food preferences and billing information, are pulled into a single unique identity.

When the guests arrive, hotel staff only need to greet them, and hand them a sleek device installed with hYspace, preloaded with every single piece of information that will help guests have a comfortable stay.

With hYspace, guests can open their room doors, control room temperature, lighting, operate the television, seek hotel and tourist information as well as order room service.

Guests also discover that they can have access to instant messaging and an electronic concierge.

The possibilities with hYspace are endless. Properties can even integrate Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) functions, live door camera and control, and MICE-focused services.

The best thing about hYspace as a hotelier would realise, is that all the data that guests generate by using hYspace are fed back into the back-end system.

This means that staff can easily consolidate and automate all applications associated with the day-to-day operations like housekeeping, room service and concierge, which helps to streamline processes and increase productivity. In the long term, it results in substantial cost savings in addition to the improved guest experience.

The detailed information on guests’ preferences also becomes invaluable intelligence to improve service and increase loyalty in an increasingly competitive industry. At the end of the day, it’s all about enhancing the guest experience.  This has always been what is important for hoteliers and hYspace may become an invaluable tool sometime in the future.

About DOCOMO interTouch

DOCOMO interTouch is one of the world’s largest hotel technology service providers, delivering reliable and secure wired and wireless broadband connectivity services, multi-media services, interactive television and managed network solutions. With over 1,400 employees operating in 65 countries, DOCOMO interTouch delivers innovative, solutions to hotels specifically tailored to meet the needs of their guests. Our converged network solution ensures that a hotel’s investment in technology is future proof to continuously support the increasingly complex requirements of the modern guest. Our round-the-clock network monitoring and multi-lingual customer support enable hotels to offer a superior guest experience, facilitating communications for today’s business travellers.

Headquartered in Singapore and with operations throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, DOCOMO interTouch is expanding into the Americas and has offices in 50 countries worldwide on these continents. DOCOMO interTouch is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO, a global leader in mobile telecommunications technologies.

More information on DOCOMO interTouch is available on

Note: HoteleMarketer is not affiliated with DOCOMO interTouch or hYspace in any way. 

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  2. Great article. Hyspace sounds a fantastic application but you cant beat the personal touch.


  3. honeybuxie

    That sounds terrific. It's hassle free and very convenient to the customers. Personal touch could be convenient too but this one Hyspace is more convenient. Thanks for this information.


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