8 responses to “Hotels and Restaurants on Facebook Graph Search – First Impressions and Tips”

  1. ibrahim Saras says :

    Wow, thank you JJ for this insight of the functionality. I really like it and I think it is only the biggening. It can even be a whole seperate social media.

  2. Todd Iseri says :

    I’ve tinkered with facebook’s graph search as well and I think your recommendations for hotels is spot on. It will be interesting to see what tweaks are made prior to full launch.

  3. menumodo says :

    Good overview!
    I have been playing with graph search for a while now and it is powerful, indeed.

    Content, i.e. product information, will become more important, as the Facebook Page may be the first contact with the hotel.

    I would advise hoteliers to ensure that they use their four top-row tabs wisely – get rid if the thumb and map, put up information on rooms, F&B outlets, maybe a reservation widget, etc – and try to avoid pushing visitors to the hotel website: they got here via Facebook and likely want to stay there.
    There are some powerful add-on applications available to make this easy.

  4. michael madison says :

    I have been playing with graph search for while now, and it is going to be a powerful tool, indeed!
    Considering that the Facebook Page will be the first point of contact for potential new customers and guest, attention should be paid not only to the “social” aspect, but also to Content.
    I suggest that attention should be paid to the first four tabs – get ri of the thumb and who needs the map there? Include relevant content – if F&B is important promote it there with information, menus, and a booking link and maybe include a “reserve” tab for rooms – although the information is likely more important than transactional tools.
    I say the first four tabs because the rest is like the second page on a Google search – much less likely to be accessed.
    Beware of having custom pages developed – there are many quality and low-cost apps out there to put up information, F&B information and menus.

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