IKEA’s Perceptive Banners – Respectful and Effective Marketing

I loved IKEA’s latest display advertising effort. Acknowledging that over 60% of mobile banner clicks are actually accidental, IKEA shows users messages like ‘A slip of the thumb tap? That happens’ and ‘Really, are you sure?’ instead of directly taking users to a site or landing page they didn’t intend to visit in the first place.

Not only is this a better technique for customers (permission marketing 101), but the company also saves money and improves its marketing efforts, thanks to a better understanding of user intent and engagement. Plus, doing something a little creative and different sure helps brand awareness and sentiment!

Watch an overview video here:


Author: Jitendra Jain (JJ)

I have a passion for all things digital, marketing and future related. My day job involves marketing an amazing portfolio of hotels...at play I enjoy blogging, reading, experimenting with technology and learning new things. You can find my marketing blog at http://www.hotelemarketer.com (all views are my own) or connect on Twitter @hotelemarketer

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