9 thoughts on “Hospitality Bloggers and Experts – Thoughts on Hotel Internet Marketing in 2009”

  1. Great Article with lots of pointers on where social media revolution is headed. It’s all about relationships 🙂 Will definitely share with others..


  2. Hi Jitendra,
    Since contributing to this document I’ve had a number of thoughts on the nature of emerging Web 3.0 trends. The current state of the Web can be said to be the location aware and moment relevant internet.
    It’s about instant communication and collaboration and location specific information, as well as the ability to be there now.

    I really think anyone planning a conference today, needs to think about how to bring outsiders – in. How can you make the event come to life and be experienced in a virtual way?

    For the travel industry, it’s going to demand a higher level of technical expertise than just providing wireless broadband internet access…



  3. It’s really good to see social media applied to real businesses, and not just the selling of information to would be internet marketers on ‘how to sell more information’.


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