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Day 3 of 30 Day AI Challenge – Making Learning Fun

Day 3 is here and my #30DayAIChallenge is in full swing! Every day, I’m going to try and do something different or better, using currently available Artificial Intelligence tools…today’s challenge is centered on how generative AI and large natural language models like ChatGPT can make learning more accessible and fun.

Probably the best way to test this is to hone in on a specific topic…perhaps a book. One critically acclaimed book that every investor worth their salt owns is “The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffet’s is probably his most famed disciple). Now I’ll be the first to confess…the book, while impressive, is also pretty dated and dry. I suspect most wannabe investors like me have had it sitting in their bookshelves since they purchased it. Feels like this might be a good one to test with ChatGPT!

First things first, I asked ChatGPT for a simple and practical summary of what the book is all about…it delivered pretty well:

I then followed up the ask by requesting a deeper dive into one of the topics:

I’ve truncated the above as it goes on for 12 points, plus a (sensible) disclaimer:

Keep in mind that no single indicator guarantees that a company is undervalued. It’s essential to use a combination of these methods and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. Additionally, patience is crucial, as it can take time for the market to recognize the true value of an undervalued stock.

I then pushed my luck a bit further…knowing full well what would come back given the lack of recent data or connection to the Internet:

The fact that it goes beyond acknowledging limitations to providing some historic examples and context is pretty impressive (and useful). The chat does cut out now and then in the middle of a response, but usually picks back up quite seamlessly when asked.

Next, I asked ChatGPT to explain the book in one paragraph, but so a 12 year old could understand it too:

Pretty good! Not sure a kid would understand the underlying subject matter, but the explanation is pretty decent…and I imagine, depending on the level of the user, you could go pretty deep on selected topics by continuing the chat e.g. what’s a stock? A bond? What’s the best way to learn about a company? Etc.

Next, I thought I’d emulate Greg Brockman’s recent GPT-4 demo and ask the model something truly ambitious:

Ok, to be fair, it’s a pretty ridiculous ask and I wasn’t expecting it to deliver. But the one line summary isn’t too bad!

Finally, time for some fun! How about summarizing the book as only Eminem could?

There you have it, Ben Graham, channeled by Eminem: Mind. Blown.

It’s not hard to see how ChatGPT (and models like it) will revolutionize how we consume knowledge. Not only is the sum of human knowledge available online these days, AI can act as individual teachers for everyone, flexing to your needs and level of mastery or understanding. Everyone is up in arms about potential plagiarism and how kids are going to get lazier, but we’re not paying enough attention to the upside potential here. It’s high time the education system moved on from the industrial era it was designed for, and gets ready for the information age.

I’ll get off my soapbox now and bid you adieu. Till tomorrow, everybody!

I’ll leave you with an AI generated depiction of a well known investor, embracing his inner-rapper.

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