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Day 4 of 30 Day AI Challenge – Poetry

Day 4 of the #30DayAIChallenge and it’s Mother’s Day (at least locally). Every day during this challenge, I’m going to try and do something different or better, using currently available Artificial Intelligence tools…today’s challenge is centered on poetry.

An easy test of AI mettle is its ability to generate verse, something I’m pretty terrible at. Let’s put a couple of tools to the test!

First up is Google Verse by Verse, which claims to be “An experimental AI-powered muse that helps you compose poetry inspired by classic American poets”. First, the system lets you choose your muse. I’ll go with Emily Dickinson for this one:

You then choose your poem structure…I chose ‘Couplet’:

You’re then asked to get the first line of the poem started, with a little ‘assistance’ from your muse for following lines. However the suggestions are pretty awful for the topic and context you provide, so not sure how useful this is. Perhaps for more seasoned poets, this tool can serve as added inspiration?

Over to ChatGPT, with the same ask…except of course, here the AI does all the work for you:

Pretty good! Let’s take it one step further and ask for something more personalized now (fictional name used):

This in incredible stuff…not perfect, mind you, but massively better than any other system I’ve seen (and of course my own meager abilities). This ought to put greeting card companies out of business – think of ChatGPT (or other AI powered natural language models), incorporated into Microsoft Word or Apple Pages…now the software can not only help you design and print your own greeting cards, but the personalized content contained within too!

One last stab at this…I asked the system to shorten and modernize the poem:

What do the poets out there think? Would love your thoughts and feedback. Have any of you used AI to generate (or aid the creation of) your own poetry too?

See you tomorrow!

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