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Day 11 of 30 Day AI Challenge – Web Design

It’s Day 11 of the #30DayAIChallenge and we’re going to take on web design! For those just joining us, every day during this challenge, I’m going to try and do something different or better, using currently available Artificial Intelligence tools.

Now, there are plenty of fairly sophisticated tools available that simplify the creation of websites today, from blogs to eCommerce stores.

A few examples include Wix ADI, EditorX, 10Web AI Builder, Jimdo Dolphin, Hostinger Website Builder (Zyro), GetResponse Website Builder and Bookmark. Wix ADI, launched in 2016, is fast and easy to set up, with user-friendly editing features and a high level of customization. Although its AI capabilities may not be groundbreaking, Wix ADI is considered the best choice for incorporating AI into web design. The tool’s ability to build complex sites quickly, offer customization flexibility, and transition between the ADI and regular editors make it a popular choice for users looking to launch their website rapidly.

For this test though, we’re going to let GPT4 and generative tools like it do the heavy lifting and provide guidance on how to get a simple website up and running.

For the first test, I asked ChatGPT to embrace the role of a web design expert, with knowledge of basic design, UX/UI, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, SEO, etc. I then asked it to provide a step-by-step guide to creating a webpage that could display Dilbert comics one by one. Sure enough, I got a pretty robust guide, including caveats about getting copyright permissions and access to a suitable API.

I’ve snipped out the full output to save on space…

Next challenge…create a simple website that generates Positive / Inspirational Quotes, with name suggestions to boot:

I followed the instructions exactly, creating the right folder structure as well as the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files provided…and then tested the simple website, which worked flawlessly! Pretty impressive, especially as my knowledge of HTML is pretty rudimentary and while I can make basic tweaks, I don’t work well with stylesheets or Java either. Here’s a quick preview of the website:

A final test I wanted to run involved the overall look and feel of a website…could ChatGPT and Midjourney work together to create something really compelling?

Hotel Website Designs

I asked Midjourney to create a Dubai hotel website mockup on a Macbook and got a few iterations…you’ll find a selected sample below:

Next, I asked the system to create a web design for an inspirational travel destinations website, in a 3:2 aspect ratio and negative prompts to remove a few unwanted elements like shading, etc. Here’s one of the options generated:

As I wrap-up today’s test, it’s clear that generative AI will revolutionize the way we approach website creation, infusing it with an unprecedented level of ease and imagination. Tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney can either help you build basic websites from scratch…or enhance the output of other website builders like Wix, making your creations truly captivating.

With ChatGPT, you can generate engaging content, unique page designs, and even craft personalized user experiences, while Midjourney assists in the ideation process, offering innovative ideas for your website’s layout and features. By combining the power of these AI tools with popular services like Wix, you can push the boundaries of website creation, giving life to extraordinary and memorable digital experiences. All without the need to learn coding!

Till tomorrow…

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