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Day 12 of 30 Day AI Challenge – AI Powered Fitness

It’s Day 12 of the #30DayAIChallenge and it’s time to get moving! Today we’ll see if AI can lend a hand in the world of fitness, especially for the everyday Joe (or Jane). For those just joining us, every day during this challenge, I’m going to try and do something different or better, using currently available Artificial Intelligence tools.

Fitness Focused Apps

First, let’s start with Fitness Apps, some of which have been around for a while and have gotten better. AI-powered fitness apps help improve workout efficiency, reduce injury risk, and assist beginners in learning proper form.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Freeletics: Provides AI-driven bodyweight workouts that adapt to your fitness level. The app also offers nutrition guidance.
  2. Fitbod: Creates custom workouts based on your preferences, goals, and available fitness equipment. It takes recovery into account and continually improves your workout plans.
  3. Aaptiv: Offers audio and video workouts with an algorithm that creates personalized workout programs. It covers various workout types and is accessible anywhere, anytime.
  4. FitnessAI: Probably the most well-known ‘lifting’ app and uses AI to develop personalized training programs based on a large database of workouts. It is suitable for gym and at-home exercise.

There are also specialized apps, based on type of activity. For example, Vi Trainer acts as a virtual running coach, offering real-time coaching based on your heart rate, speed, and distance. There are also a range of hardware options out there that now incorporate AI to a degree. Others combine wearables with an app, like Whoop, which focuses on recovery, sleep, and optimal performance. It uses machine learning algorithms to provide insights into your health and fitness.

What About ChatGPT?

First, let’s warm up the bot…

Next, a specific profile and goal – male over 40, looking to get fitter but on a restrictive diet. ChatGPT does a good job of offering up an exercise regimen along with tips on nutrition (truncated below due to space):

Another test…a very different profile. A woman in her 60’s with a few other considerations (e.g. mobility) thrown in. Again, ChatGPT customizes the plan according to the inputs. While I’m no fitness or nutrition expert, the recommendations do seem legit…however to ensure one can actually follow the plan will require a lookup on other platforms (e.g. YouTube or a fitness app / site) to figure out how to actually do the exercises properly. This is where a personal coach can really come in handy, till you’ve figured out how to perform the routines properly and developed the right habits / stickiness for your plan.

I suspect as generative AI evolves, though, we may be able to see capabilities or plugins that really take this to the next level, for example:

  • Based on relevant user + hardware* inputs, create a robust, custom picture of the individual and their fitness goals and progress, along with predictive modeling.
  • Use visual capabilities to gauge how exercises are performed and if the user is doing the right thing or not.
  • Bake in nutrition and wellness to offer a truly 360 approach that’s tailored to the individual.
  • Use voice powered assistants (like Siri on your iPhone) as the main interface for your interactions with the system (including updates on what you’re doing, eating, etc.)

*Hardware can include traditional wearables like smart watches and fitness trackers, to workout equipment…or even more niche, emerging products like a personal urine analyzer that was all the rage at the last CES Exhibition.

To wrap things up, it’s incredible to see how AI has already revolutionized the fitness landscape. From personalized workout recommendations in apps like FitnessAI and Fitbod, to AI-powered virtual coaches like Vi Trainer, and even innovative hardware like Whoop and Tonal, technology is enhancing our workout experiences and making it easier than ever to stay healthy.

As we look to the future, we can only imagine how AI will continue to augment and integrate into our fitness routines. Imagine AI-powered wearables that could predict and prevent injuries, or smart home gyms that adjust workouts in real-time based on our energy levels and mood. The possibilities are endless, and with AI at the helm, we’re bound to see the fitness industry evolve in ways we never thought possible. So, get ready to embrace some pretty exciting advancements in the years ahead…especially as we strive to become the healthiest versions of ourselves!

Till tomorrow…

2 comments on “Day 12 of 30 Day AI Challenge – AI Powered Fitness

  1. Mukesh Jain

    You are doing great with AI !


  2. Great article highlighting how AI is transforming the fitness industry for the better. It’s fantastic to see personalized workout recommendations and AI-powered virtual coaches becoming the norm. The possibilities for the future of fitness with AI are endless, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!


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