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The Hotel Business Game – So you want to be a Hotel CEO?

If you’ve always dreamed of sitting at the helm of your global hotel empire…and  terms like RevPAR, GOPPAR, bottom line profits and market share come easy, then perhaps it’s time you put your skills to the test! is proud to introduce the first-ever real-time real-world business simulation for the Hotel Industry, in affiliation with Tycoon Systems, Inc.

The ‘Hotel Business Game’ is targeted at budding hotel executive, MBA graduates and seasoned hotel industry veterans alike. Whatever your qualifications and industry exposure are, no one can doubt the value of understanding how hotel companies truly operate on a global scale.

You’re given the chance to view the hotel business from 30,000 feet and you use your business skills to build a global hotel empire – a portfolio of properties around the world, in different hotel categories from De Luxe 5-star to Budget City Center – and compete for market share and profitability in this dynamic business game.

You will need to apply important hotel management metrics (REVPAR and GOPPAR) as you compete in this fast-moving business simulation exercise. How can you improve hotel occupancy and build profits as you promote and market your hotel properties ?

This exciting simulation allows you to test out your business ideas in the global hotel industry, to develop business strategies that build profits, and grow a sustainable empire – in this realistic, simulated hotel business world.

You take over as investor-manager of a dynamic hotel group, and compete against four other major players – virtual intelligent competitors. You have to quickly make decisions about where to invest across the world, which categories to invest in, how to promote and price the products, and build a sustainable business strategy to build your wealth.

This is a unique tool for high quality hotel management training programs worldwide.

For a special free trial, only available to members, visit for information, a game guide and to register for free.

1 comment on “The Hotel Business Game – So you want to be a Hotel CEO?

  1. Thank you for sharing this. This is perfect for HRM graduates or those one's who are pursuing masters degree on Business Management.


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