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This Demo will blow your mind! The Xbox Prototype Experience

In an eerie but mind-blowing integration of Facebook Data, X-Box has developed a superb online game demo that is bound to give you goose-bumps! Enough said, check out the demo at (depending on your Internet connection, loading may take a couple of minutes, but is worth the wait! To really experience the demo, be sure to sign into your Facebook account…!)

This is a great example of personalized experiences that digital marketers can now create using data WE give them. Of course Privacy issues immediately come to mind…and will probably be a major discussion point in the future…just how much data does Facebook give out and how much can developers use. In a recent presentation, a Facebook official stated that many such interactions were limited only to the nature of data actually required by the FB application to do its work and often data use was restricted to ‘sessions’.

Still – HUGE potential, despite the privacy issues that will need to be sorted out both from a developer standpoint as well as consumer concerns. Facebook may be critiqued for not “showing the money” now but is likely to be in a very enviable position in the future. If FB makes Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of connecting a Billion people on the planet a reality, they’ll hold a data gold mine any marketer on the planet would kill for…imagine being able to intelligently target and reach 1 out of every 6 or 7 people on the planet? Not even Google can do this in such detail as we gladly provide to Facebook!

An interesting future awaits…look for more personalized experiences to come online!


Over 6000 sites have now adpoted Facebook Connect for various purposes. Xbox is also likely to integrate the ability to network and share gaming scores and experiences with friends on Facebook…seems like a perfectly natural evolution of the platform. Check out these other cool online examples of Facebook Connect Integration:

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  1. That is the most life like thing I have ever seen.


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