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Video – Socialnomics and the Social Media Revolution

A great new video doing the rounds on the Internet, in true ‘Did You Know’ style (the original video by Karl Fisch that captured our imaginations). This video asks – Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? Welcome to the World of Socialnomics:

YouTube Video (watch above)

Vimeo Video:

4 comments on “Video – Socialnomics and the Social Media Revolution

  1. Please read my blog post on the topic of Socialnomics –…As a big supporter of Social Media, I was actually appalled by this video as it perfectly highlights the three major challenges facing Social Media:a) Disregard for Intellectual Property. The video and soundtrack are an unattributed knock off of the “Did You Know 3.0” video. See the “original” here: Accuracy. A considerable number of the “facts” presented are grossly inaccurate or misrepresented.c) Hyperbole. If the statistics presented were corrected, the message would still be compelling. However, through exaggeration, the validity of the content and the presentation itself becomes highly suspect.In my opinion, this video inadvertently represents Social Media at its worst.


  2. Hi Robert – valid points! I liked the video because it offers a good 'jolt' to those of us who may be missing the point of and advances in social media today.However accuracy is key, of course – I see you've pointed out a couple of points regarding LinkedIN, Twitter, etc in your post. Do you know which of the other claims in the video are the most glaringly inaccurate and do you have the correct facts at hand? Would love to know even more. Thanks!


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  4. guilhermesp

    Great video!


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