6 thoughts on “Hotel Social Media Articles and the Diffusion of Innovation”

  1. Hi JJ,
    Interesting perspective… have you come across any articles recently which fall into the “Innovator” category? I bet one of those would be an interesting read…
    Enjoyed reading the post!


  2. Hi Drew – thanks! The innovator category IS the rarest find…some good stuff from the big hospitality / travel research firms now and then. I see you’re team is doing some blogging about tech change too – great stuff!


  3. Very interesting post and I feel social media should play a fairly important role in any hotel’s marketing plan. However, there’s one little point you make that I’m not sure about, in terms of online reputation management, there’s still a great deal of resistance in the hospitality industry.

    Two quick examples.

    The KwikChek lawsuit against TripAdvisor. It’s like watching the music industry trying to shut down illegal downloads and I suspect it will be about as effective.

    The fact that only 7% of hotels respond to customer comments on TripAdvisor which is obviously only one of many such sites.


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