Mobile Hotel Applications – One solution to will them all

About a month or two ago, following the release of our featured article “Hotel Mobile Marketing – A Hotel Guest Story From The Near Future” we had a barrage of emails from vendors and companies innovating in the hotel mobile marketing & applications field. Some of these technologies were quite run-of-the-mill but some clearly stood out in creative and innovative ways. Here is one such prototype technology / software, called hYspace.

What follows below is a great overview of what this hopes to achieve in terms of boosting guest convenience and accessibility:

A contribution for by Charles Reed, CEO of world leading hospitality technology provider, DOCOMO interTouch

Running a hotel has never been simple. Experienced hoteliers know that I’m stating the obvious.

Every hour, a hotelier engages in a logistical symphony to ensure the comfort and convenience of guests. To the uninitiated the variables are unimaginable.

Each day, a hotelier mobilises their team to ensure the 500-room property is equipped with the right amenities from the welcome chocolates, toiletries, and show horns, right down to ensuring that the remote controls for the TV and DVD are correctly matched to each room for each guest.

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The new age of Interactive Hotel Marketing – Surface Computing, Siftables, Multi-touch

As technology evolves to offer creative new ways to interact with digital media, the possibilities for marketers become immense. We’ve all seen what multi-touch displays have done to improve the user experience… the Apple iPod is a wonderful example of this. Even large multi-touch panels like those seen in the movie ‘Minority Report’ are now cropping up in news rooms.

Beyond being plain fun, the great thing about these new interactive input devices is our move towards more intuitive, quicker ways to interact with media…and finally a move away from two decades being tied to the mouse and keyboard. The hotel industry is big on guest interaction and personalization…so multi-touch screens offer an excellent way to interact with hotel guests, from information, ordering and billing to creative deployments that allow guests to create memories and offer feedback.

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