7 thoughts on “Future of Display Advertising – Is the Hotel Industry Ready?”

  1. JJ, Thanks for this post. It has inspired a project for us. I do agree that there is lots of data that will need to be distilled into intelligence. I agree that it seems very likely that agencies will need to develop their competitive advantage in this sector. However, a sad truth is also likely to play out. That is…a rampart popping up of so called “experts”. We have seen this pattern with every innovation in technology. In the area of marketing, hoteliers like many business owners are the least competent. For hotel owners, the same is true in the area of technology. What we are talking about here are “intelligent ads” or ads with their own programable brains. Wow…what a leap.


  2. Great comments Martin – I guess there’s always going to be a resource divide between the chains and the independent hotel properties…that’s a given. I think there is huge opportunity in this segment for intelligent, result-focused solutions that help hoteliers get the best from the space without drowning in the tech. As for social ads…I LOVE the concept – i’d love the ability to see and consume only those ads that I really like and dive deeper into the experience should my curiosity demand it. If ads can truly become ‘social’ they’d offer advertisers amazing insights into what really works and what doesn’t…and really allow for niche targeting.


  3. There is a worrying imbalance between the amount of interest in video and the overall level of understanding of the medium. Learning process ahead. Some of the most common misunderstandings include:
    1. “People like moving images. Anything will do.” Combine a succession of thoughtless ‘lobby pans’ and some elevator music, and you may end up with a user experience disaster. Why do marketers think users will tolerate poorly produced video just because it’s online? Online customers are highly developed media consumers, so if you’re serious about starting a meaningful dialogue, take your media seriously.
    2. “We need an online video.” There is no such thing as an “online video”. The diversity of digital communication channels ensures a variety of viewing scenarios and technical design. A video ad is not like a youtube video, which in turn is not like a homepage video. The range of possible interactions, user expectations and the media ecosystem require numerous different approaches – from basics like camera angles to complex issues like narrative patterns. Rather then ‘buying a video’ marketers should control the creative and production process, and make their marketing communication strategy the foundation of video production.
    3. “We don’t need an online video.” There is probably one out there already. Chances are you don’t like it. With youtube as the fastest growing search engine (!), your choice isn’t whether or not you have an online video, but whether users find your professionally produced film at all and possibly first.
    4. “We don’t have the budget.” This was true once. TV ad production budgets evolved at a time when one brand’s video had to reach millions of prime time viewers in 30 seconds. But there are new ways of working, bundling decentralised global creative resources in a web-based, highly effective workflow.


  4. JJ, great article – thanks for sharing your views!
    “Online customers are highly developed media consumers, so if you’re serious about starting a meaningful dialogue, take your media seriously” – this is a great point made by Juergen.

    At our hotel, we use Quadriga for our tv system, which certainly makes a point of showing we take our media seriously.

    I don’t think hotels are quite ready for ‘intelligent ads’ but who know what the future holds?



  5. I think the whole social media space will become much more animated and video will comprise a larger part. Hotels and other sectors will need to embrace this in order to keep up. Hotels that have TVs witin the hotel are only the start. This speaks to existing customers but it is the new ones you need to target and they are out there being exposed to a myriad of different channels including social media.


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