11 thoughts on “Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy – Practical Tips for Direct Digital Marketing”

  1. It is a very nice post and enhances the marketing knowledge about Hotels. In my view the marketing of hotel through internet might just create the knowledge about the hotel among the people. It would be difficult to deal them online and convince them to about the services. I feel that reaching the potential customers physically would be much better as compared to the digital marketing. Especially local market can be acquired much more efficiently if we physically market the hotel rather than through digital means.


  2. Are FIT Bookings Torturing Your Sales and Accounting Teams? In 2009 The Airline Reporting Corporation was approached by senior finance and sales directors from two of North America's largest full service lodging chains to fix a huge problem. A revenue problem that should have gone away 10 years ago! The ARC agreed to create a rapid payment system that enables hotels to get paid faster and eliminate 83% of the man hours + the mountains of paperwork associated with wholesale and FIT bookings and antiquated vouchers. Its called ” PayABill ” This system was developed by the same team who converted the airline industry over to e-tickets from old fashioned paper almost 10 years ago! Remember that required standardization and universal adoption by over 180 independently owned/managed airlines- each with their own unique systems and processes. A recent pilot program was conducted with a company that owned full service hotels. Together they processed over $240,000 in FIT bookings during a 60 day period. During this pilot the hotels: • Received full payment 13 days faster than their best month todate. • Reduced the time spent by accounting to research disputes by 53% • Reduced merchant fees paid for the single use credit card FIT transactions from $6300.00 to $145.00 We should have fixed this years ago …but better late than never !


  3. B2B Companies that create LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook pages for Business, with the intention of generating quality traffic to their website and converting that traffic into leads are setting themselves up for failure without a business blog.


  4. this is a Very nice read. Thank you for the information. Will apply this information and wait to see the results…………………………….


  5. This kind of marketing strategies for hotels does have a big
    job for gaining clients. Some do post the views of their hotel through websites
    so that their guest could have details about their place. They should consider
    also the services that they could give to their guests.


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