About Hotelemarketer

The Hotelemarketer Vision: 

To be the foremost playground for inspiration, knowledge and collaboration for hospitality marketers!

Why Hotelemarketer?

Hotelemarketer.com, though primarily a Marketing blog, was initially created to be a platform for sharing of knowledge, best practices, case studies, resources, thoughts, ideas, research and stories from the world of hotel marketing and the world of digital media.  The site was launched in 2008 to fill the gap in this dynamic and growing niche.

What does the Hotelemarketer Blog provide?

Hotelemarketer.com provides articles, news, stories, videos, commentary, best practices, surveys and research related to hotel marketing, branding, loyalty, digital media, technology, online distribution, public relations and more.

Who is Hotelemarketer meant for? 

Hotelemarketer.com is targeted at everyone who wants ideas and insights into the world of hotel marketing. Your comments, thoughts, best practices and case studies are invaluable, so please contribute! Professionals who are likely to find the blog particularly useful include:

  • Hotel Marketing Managers & Directors,
  • Digital Marketing Professionals,
  • Directors of Sales & Marketing,
  • Public Relations Managers,
  • General Managers and Hotel Owners,
  • Online Distribution Professionals,
  • Revenue Managers & Directors,
  • Students and Educators.

What are the benefits of Hotelemarketer?

Hotelemarketer.com is a dedicated, no-nonsense resource for issues related to digital and internet marketing for hospitality. The material provided on this site is original, useful and creative…a great source for ideas and research data.

What does Hotelemarketer hope to accomplish?

The Hotelemarketer vision is to share inspiration, knowledge and promote collaboration among an increasingly “digital” base of hospitality marketers and leaders!

How does Hotelemarketer aim to achieve this lofty goal?

Obviously the vision for Hotelemarketer won’t be easy to achieve. However the aim is to build the base in time with quality content, mainly through original articles / posts, data and collaboration. This is where YOU can also get involved and contribute to building the base.

Creative ways you can use Hotelemarketer

There are unlimited ways you can use the ideas, best practices and data contained on this site, of course. Some key uses include:

  • Benchmarking your own progress and the sophistication of your efforts;
  • Use the ideas presented to develop new tools and approaches to market, brand and relate to your customers;
  • Start a discussion and reach out to others like you to learn, share and grow.

Who’s behind Hotelemarketer?

Hotelemarketer was founded and is edited by Jitendra Jain (JJ). This is a platform to share useful and exciting material that helps and inspires Hospitality emarketers. This is a spare time dedication to the love of technology and digital marketing, not a business venture.

Where does the content come from?

The articles on this site are original and sourced from emarketers and thought leaders in the industry.

It is very important to note that Hotelemarketer DOES NOT encourage the sharing of any material by individuals that may be considered proprietary information / intellectual property belonging to any company, brand or chain.

How is Hotelemarketer supported financially?

Hotelemarketer receives no money from the partners it works with and is not affiliated to any hotel brand / chain / company. The reason for this is to keep the information on this site as free from bias as possible and make it more useful to all hoteliers / hotel emarketers. Costs related to the project are covered personally.

How can you get involved?

We would love for you to get involved! Here are just a few ways you can contribute:

  • Share your thoughts or start a discussion: The easiest way to get involved! When you read articles, stories or posts on Hotelemarketer, please leave a comment and let the rest of the community know what you know or think!
  • Write for us: If you have a flair for ideas and / or writing, send us a note or contribution to be featured on Hotelemarketer. Please note that to maintain quality standards we will only feature original material. Advertorials and link-infested contributions will be deleted. If you are a supplier / company and would like to get involved, we would recommend writing articles which are truly helpful to the Hotel Internet Marketing audience. All accepted contributions will be featured with an author footnote containing a short bio, photo and weblink.
  • Share a great find, a case study or experience: If you don’t fancy writing but have some great material to share, be it a great video, article, campaign, project or case study please drop us a line and let us know! Email us at news[at]hotelemarketer.com
  • Support this project: If you are a company and would like to support the Hotelemarketer effort via research support or collaboration, please get in touch via email at partners[at]hotelemarketer.com

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  1. Andreas Ematinger says :

    Very interesting and helpful thanks

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