A year of reckoning

Happy New Year everyone! 2009 is finally here…the 365 days ahead promise to be packed full of fun, innovation and competition (with plenty of mountains to climb for all). This may be the worst recession to hit since the 2nd World War, but I really think this is a much needed cleansing process…one that’ll force us to pause and rethink, remodel and rebuild better, stronger and more efficiently.

So what about New Year’s resolutions? Hmm… these have never been my cup o’tea – I think if you’re going to do something, it’s better to just do it! Why build a house of cards which is sure to come tumbling down a few days or weeks later?

In any case, one thing I DO want to achieve this year is make Hotel eMarketer THE definitive source for Hotel Internet Marketing best practices, ideas and collaboration. This site was born late last year and has so far mainly hosted my articles published offline in Hotelier Middle East Magazine, Hotelier India, etc. This year, the blog grows up and becomes…a Blog! 

The wonderful thing about technology, marketing and the internet is that despite years and years of tinkering, you’ve still just barely scratched the surface of what’s out there! So here’s to a year full of learning and sharing.

BR, JJ x


Hotel Online Marketing Blog

Welcome to www.HoteleMarketer.com! (A long overdue contribution to the world of online hotel / internet hospitality marketing). The aim of this site is document, discuss, critique and brainstorm (with other talented professionals out there) about this fascinating niche.

Feel free to post your thoughts, comments, suggestions and share your “e” experiences with everyone out there using this site. Besides commenting, should you have a story, best practice, idea, case study, survey, research or other contribution to share, please email me at news (at) hotelemarketer (dot) com (no advertorials, press releases and general spam please!)

Wishing you creative and inspired eMarketing!